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Responsible Gun Owners, Training and Benefiting a Good Cause.

I know I have been abandoning this blog for a few days but that was because I was spending some quality time with about 70 other gun owners taking responsibility for their own training and safety. The event was the … Continue reading

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How this Blog Started

I have been watching Japete’s Blog lately, all I can do is watch because I have been “banned,” and I noticed that there is a new poster there ( I love peace) that is teetering on the brink of getting … Continue reading

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Guns, Physicians and Privacy

Who would expect that a routine visit to your family pediatrician would end up with the good Doctor telling you to go elsewhere for your care? That’s what happened to Tom and Amber Ullman when they brought their third child, … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

This is where all the anti-gun, anti-knife, anti-drug hand-wringing and whining gets us to, silly rules that punish children for just being children. I thought all this was supposed to be “for the children” School staff and administrators, educated people, hiding behind … Continue reading

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Making Stuff Up and the Plural of Anecdote is not Data.

First the Anecdotal Part: There’s a lot of misinformation, lies and stuff that’s just plain made up floating around out there and filling up the intertubes with useless junk. Now we all do know that the plural of anecdote is not data, … Continue reading

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