The New Normal?

This was written in response to Joan Peterson over at, however she refused to post my comment on her blog so here it is including the portions that I had second thoughts about and deleted from my post. You would probably need to read her blog post in order to put this in context.

Joan, do you honestly think that law-abiding gun owners condone the actions of that horrible story you linked to about “vigilantism gone totally wrong?” You asked “How is it that anything like this is acceptable in our ‘new normal’ world?”  Who said that it was acceptable? Nowhere have I seen any of the “gun guys” say they thought that this was acceptable or normal. Which people with guns justify such murders with some sort of feeling of vigilante justice? You accuse the “gun guys” of jumping to the assumption that you want to ban all their guns but I think that you are jumping to some assumptions here.  Do you really think that we are all just on the edge of killing somebody?

Are “these things are happening now so frequently that they are becoming the ‘new normal’?” can you back up that statement?

I also don’t think anyone said that law-abiding gun owners don’t make mistakes or do anything wrong. I have seen more than one poster on this blog who admit that we are not all perfect and accidents do happen. I think at least the posters here are being very realistic and advocate training and education to help reduce accidents. Guns are simply tools and like all tools they require some safety education and precaution.

I don’t think the Latin terms that Heather used were meant to “stop the debate in its tracks.” The terms were not that obscure or particularly difficult to understand. A quick Google search would have given anyone interested the common definition of the terms. Your claim that “it was way too confusing for little old naive me” does not inspire much confidence your research practices

Joan, you said:

“Moreover, why let the military and police have that many rounds if the average citizen can’t? ( their words, not mine)”

No, Joan, your incorrect interpretation of their words. What has been said here many time is if the police needs full capacity magazines, then why would armed citizens need less to protect themselves?

See the difference?

Next you said:

“Because, you know, those citizens so concerned about their liberty and freedom might need a whole lot of ammunition to fight against those pesky police officers (who get shot because they don’t practice enough and don’t follow safety procedures like the rest of the responsible gun owners- their words, not mine). And fighting the military? Why not?”

Again you misinterpret in your paraphrasing. Who said the law abiding armed citizens would get into a gunfight with the police? Who actually said the words cited above? Where? When?

Then there’s this:

“And those semi-automatic assault rifles? Don’t mess with them. They can be turned into automatics easily.” That is simple untrue. Can it be done? Sometimes. Easily? No.  Legally? No again. What do you base that statement on?

Could you please explain why you have a problem with Utah commemorating the 1911 pistol, invented by John Moses Browning and adopted by the US military to fight for your freedom in WW I and WWII. It remained in use by U.S. troops in Korea, Vietnam and is still in use by some of the Special Forces and many Police Officers in the U.S. today. I think that is a pretty good record, how many other items can you name that have been in use, virtually unchanged since the 1890’s? Utah is proud that one of their own created this freedom and peacekeeping tool.  Why the hate?

I can’t comment on the “Bling… bling… bling..” You didn’t approve the comment and I am not Thomas.  So, I started a blog, with a URL similar to yours. I wasn’t even interested in starting a blog but I was inspired by you and how you misinterpret what the “Gun Guys” say and only pick and choose which comments to approve. That is your right; it is your blog. That’s why I started my own, for an open discussion. And yes, so far all the comments are polite but everyone is welcome and I personally invited you. I don’t want everyone to agree.

“So the new normal is that the minority have become more extreme and vocal in their opinions.” It is only your opinion that we are a minority.

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