Hubert Humphrey in 1960

One of the blogs that is against firearm owner’s civil right’s discusses a quote made by Hubert Humphrey that was published in a gun  magazine, in fact it was in “Guns” Magazine, Feb 1960. With the permission of the current publisher I have posted here the Cover, Masthead and page with the actual quote. Now this blogger is saying that this quote cannot be verified because she cannot find it anywhere in the “national Library of Congress.”

Well why would it be in the Library of Congress?  Most likely it was a phone call, an interview or private correspondence between the writer and the Senator. The fact that the quote was never denied by HHH might just  mean that he actually said it, you know?.

I hear there are lots of boxes of HHH’s papers stored Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota maybe the proof is there; maybe the proof is lost to history.


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