Condoleezza Rice and Guns in the Civil Rights Movement

History cannot be rewritten to suit your agenda, we cannot deny the Holocaust and we cannot deny the racist roots of gun control schemes.

To say that the African-Americans, who lived through the civil rights movement in the South, did not have or use firearms to protect themselves and their families is simply disingenuous.

In her book, published in 2010, aimed at middle schoolers “Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me” about her life and growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. She recounts how her father “sat on the porch with his gun in his lap” and how “Daddy and the men of the neighborhood formed a watch” she then goes on tho say “Had my father and his neighbors registered their weapons, Bull Connor surely would have confiscated them or worse.” This, and more, is all on page 94 of her book.

If you haven’t watched the excellent video “No Guns for Negroes” now is the time. What better time than during Black History Month.

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